Mir coming down...

Well. It landed today. Since fucking mirreentry.com doesn't have shit for videos like it promised I sifted thru yahoo pictures to find these fine fine fine photographic samples from the recent splashdown.
Check them here and here and here and here and here and here (and here is the big list. Some of them are of guys and stuff too. . so not all burning space station.) and here is the yahoo news piece about it. Oh yeah. No free taco for you! Here is one more really cool picture too. This guy was so wound up in the mir reentry that he off'd himself.

Wow. Another school shooting today. And then this teacher tells his students that he is "Going to make columbine look like a Sunday picnic" if they don't behave.. I wonder if he realises how fucking stupid that was? And it looks like our new president fucking choose a hell of a attorney general.. Yeah. Ashcroft is a piece of shit. He is allready blaming fucking video games for school shootings. FUCK HIM. How about we take a look at the fucked up kids driving the other kids to this shit. How about the kids that ostrasize the and cast out kids that aren't "NORMAL". I was lucky to have a couple of really good teachers in highschool to keep me from going this route. I had a fucked up dream about school shootings last night too.. Its kind of scarey consider this happened this morning. Here is a quote from ASScrofts pig head. "Attorney General John Ashcroft said Friday that video games that "literally teach shooting" and other forms of violence in entertainment are part of the problem when it comes to school shootings" I want you all to go read the excellent articles entitle voices from the hells mouth that were on slashdot after the columbine shootings. They are very long articles.. but well worth your time if you had a school career anything like mine... Read em in order from one on.

Looks like someone has stolen microsofts digital certicate.. oh no...

This is the greatest title for a news article EVER.. its fucking wonderful!

Woah. This site has some pretty bad assed shit on it.. tight. I used to do alot of diving if the swimmy is fast I would have loved one of them.

Uhhhhhhhh spring water with alochol??? riiiiiiiiiiiiiight..

HAHAHAH this is great! Unicycle jousting!!! This is the only real sport. Besides wrestling!!! Oh yeah.. speaking of wrestling looks like the WWF bought the piece of shit WCW. YAY so hopefully they can save the few good wrestlers from that piece of shit.


I so fucking agree with this article.. None of the fuck words I have avaible to me are as offensive as I wish they were.. So FUCK YEAH

Check out the ramen museum!!!!!!

Arkansas considers banning evolution from textbooks.

Looks like bart is going to get his swerve on in the upcoming simpson movie. I don't know.. simpsons isn't as edgy and good as it used to be..

This is kind of sad.. But I would love to be there. I loved Jim Varney's work. (most of it).

Make sure you go take the scientology brain control test!

Well. This would be a hell of a birthday party!!!!

The world is way fucked up my friends..

I would shit if a moose pooped on my car!!! It would rock!

This ash soundboard is fucking sweet!!!!!

This is a mother fucking shame. I have been a lifelong fan of mad magazine. My dad used to read it with me when I was a kid.. This is aweful...

Check out this great transformers parody!

Hey guys. Sorry I'm late!!! We still have time for a quick armageddon?

Make sure to go order your very own bear safety kit!!!

Die screaming with sharp things in your head is still quite possibly one of my favorite sites EVER.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Its a godzilla wedding!!! AHHHHH

Heres a page for a chick with multiple personality disorder.. Check it out.. Be sure to check out her alters! Its all the more disturbing because she refers to herself as a system.


I used to watch this show alot. It was canadian and I lived right near canada. But I could NEVER want to know this much about it.

Hmmm getting a brand new hymen is a enticing though. Now you can be a virgin over and over again.

Check out ouchy the clowns website. Yet another reason I HATE clowns!


So anyways. I am gone till sunday night. So I hope between this and anyone else posting it will hold you till then.. night night

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