New womens fad?

I personally don't think I would ever try this if I was a woman. Though I am sure most of my male readers would agree that it would be kinda nice to see some hotties practicing this. But.. then again the money would be kind of slimey..

Listen.. If you don't comply I am going to shoot you with a potatoe!

Check out this gallery of hot chicks with big cocks. HOT!!!

Get in the house martha. Looks like a poop storm is heading in...

This is pretty cool I love the grill that girl got me for christmas. And I would love one of these.. Grilling indoors would be sweet.

Hmm Maybe If I link this scott will think I did it too.. hehehe

Somehow. Deep in my soul.. I find it hard to fathom that there is a RAMEN SUMMIT.

Here is a link to googles usenet archive shit.

General Zod! The best german industrial group there is! BOW DOWN BEFORE ZOD!

Diesel Sweeties is a pretty good online comic. There are not a huge amount of then so it shouldn't take alot of time to go thru the archives. Its updated daily too! Click here to start from the beginning.

The new sony clie can play up to TWO HOURS OF VIDEO *jizz*

Engrish.com has updated quite a bit since I last posted it. So I am gonna plug again.

And to wrap it up I would like you all to see what one of the good guys over at anamal had to say about JonsNews:

"If you don't like the content on our site, at least you can rely on the side bar for a constant flow of good content. Oh wait a second! No you can't! Seems we are taking down or contemplating taking down a link every once in a while. At least we have good ol' Jon's News still providing great content"

And I would like to say a quick apology to InternetRage for putting a space in their name the other day. I just figured it was kinda like jonsnews.com Which I call JonsNews or jonsnews or Jons News or whatever. I say this mainly cause Mr. Bappe is from IR and we were talking about this some last night.
So word up. I'm heading out for work now.

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